The RCH4 Charity

The RCH4 Research Charity (, is an informal charitable organization of retired doctors and scientists with lifetimes of experience in membrane osmosis and immunity research.  The charity was formed after the discovery of RCH4  The RCH4 Research Charity has never publicly sought recognition due lack of funds necessary to properly bring RCH4 to the marketplace worldwide. 

For several years, RCH4 was provided at no cost to PALS (People with ALS/MND) worldwide as a research and humanitarian effort, per the regulatory authority and medical rules/regulations for prescription drugs. RCH4 has provided extremely effective results as well as needed hope to patients with ALS/MND.  

With several years of use in many countries with patients at all different levels of progression, RCH4 has proven to be both effective and safe.  However, one more clinical trial is required to receive FDA approval. Approval makes the drug eligible for health insurance coverage, Veterans Affairs and/or National Health Service availability. The charity which supplies it lacks the funding for the trial