RCH4 Q & A

What is RCH4?

RCH4 is a purpose built drug that targets a previously unknown defect found in the immune system of ALS and possibly other autoimmune diseases. RCH4 originates from organ transplant rejection and immunity research. The exact chemical composition is not readily available for the general public until RCH4 reaches Stage II/III trials.

Is RCH4 a new drug?

Yes, RCH4 was created for the sole purpose to fight the immune system defect found in most ALS patients. 

How does RCH4 function?

RCH4 targets a newly discovered defect in the immune system of ALS patients.  A specific B-cell sub set was identified which increases the production of a specific protein that at certain levels is toxic.  The offending B-cell sub set receptors were characterized and lead to a new molecule being created, similar to a monoclonal antibody, that safely fixes this defect.  The exact details will be available when RCH4 reaches Stage II/III trials. 

Are there any side effects?

There are no known or experienced side effects.  

How is RCH4 administered to patients?

RCH4 is administered to a ALS patient by a intramuscular injection using a commonly found syringe with needle used mostly to inject insulin for a diabetic. 

How much does RCH4 cost?

RCH4 is supplied to ALS patients at no cost by the RCH4 Research Charity. 

Cost to manufacturer RCH4 is approximately $1,000 monthly per patient.

RCH4 Research Charity Q&A

What is the RCH4 Research Charity?

The RCH4 Research Charity is responsible for providing a much needed treatment, RCH4 at no cost to people with verified ALS. The charity is a informal charity and no one involved is compensated monetarily for their work. 

How do I get RCH4 to use?

What is the contact information for the RCH4 Research Charity?

The contact information can be found here: https://als-new-drug.com/drug-availability-cost

Why is the contact information gone from the RCH4 Research Charity website?

After many hate filled emails, the RCH4 Research Charity  removed their contact information. Also, the valued parties responsible for donations pulled their funding because of untrue and misguided attacks from the ALS Community.  

How can I donate to the RCH4 Research Charity?

The RCH4 Research Charity does not accept outside, random donations.

Does this website represent the RCH4 Research Charity?

No.  This website is a seperate effort by PALS and CALS who currently use RCH4 at no cost from the charity. It is our intention to provide clear information about the treatment that is saving our lives, while trying to find a proper investor to bring RCH4 to market 1uickly.