☆☆☆ About RCH4 ☆☆☆

RCH4 has been made available to people suffering from ALS / MND who have applied to the RCH4 charity via their website and have been lucky enough to be successful in receiving the drug. There are many users from all over the globe. The only pre-requisits for getting the drug are that your Dr or Neuro gives permission to try this Pre-Trial drug. This has lead to many of us having this awful disease progression halted, as the sucess rate of the drug seems to be about 86% of patients who take the drug which far exceeds any other treatment for ALS / MND. In some people it has slowed progress to an extremely slow rate and in some has actually halted the progress of the disease altogether. All of the users of RCH4 are not charged in any way for the drug but are asked to keep detailled records of their experience of RCH4. 

The suppliers of RCH4 have had to take this approach with the drug as they do not have the funds to take RCH4 to official FDA trials and have instead used their limited budget to actually produce the drug and help people with it. The downside is that the limited resources means that many cannot get the drug as the charity just cannot aford to supply everyone for free and they refuse to take any payment of any description for the drug. This hopefully will pay dividends to them in the end, as a large corperation will ultimately take over the future of RCH4 and then take RCH4 to FDA trials and hopefully get the drug out to the greater ALS / MND community to help many others. 

The safety of the drug has already been very well proven over several years, with none of us users having any side affects at all.

The charity who supply RCH4 to us, have their own website 


If you have ALS / MND or care for someone who does, please go and visit the site. Even if you do not intend to enquire about RCH4, the site has a huge amount of great information for people searching for answers about ALS / MND.

☆☆☆ The Future for RCH4 ☆☆☆

In order to help get RCH4 to market, we as people diagnosed with ALS will appreciate your assistance and support if you know of anyone who can help.

RCH4 was developed by an informal research charity consisting of scientists, with funding help from a few churches in the U.K.  Although an unorthodox method to discover and fund a promising treatment, this chosen method allowed the informal research charity to gather a massive amount of robust safety as well as efficacy data, over the last five years.  The intention of the RCH4 Research Charity is to donate the data obtained from PALS living in four continents to whomever takes control and brings RCH4 through formal clinical trials, to legal approval and ultimately to the patients in need on a global level. 

RCH4 has proven that it is both safe and the most effective treatment for ALS.....to date.  The informal research charity has reached the extent of what it can accomplish with the available funds and staff.  Pursuing the trials will require additional resources both human and financial.

Therefore, we are seeking at present:

•  An established firm or individual to take control of all financial and formal aspects with respect to implementation of trial process to then broker a proper pharmaceutical company to manufacture and bring the drug to the market.  This is no easy task,  as the successful entity will be in control of the very best, patented treatment for ALS, and possibly other neurological diseases, thus far.  This is obviously not a cheap excercise and is why the charity cannot afford to progress themself but if successful with FDA trials, the oportunities for financial return are huge.

We the users of RCH4 who run this website, are helping to try and find interested parties to take this drug forward, as the charity will not be able to fund the drug for us indefinately which is obviously worrying for us, and so the earlier this drug becomes more redily available, the more secure our future is as well.

  • If you are interested or have a promising lead to other potential sponsor/contact,  please fill out the Contact Us form HERE.


This is only intended to provide background information and is not an invitation to invest


This website is maintained by PALS (People with ALS/MND)  who are currently taking RCH4.  We look to help educate those interested in finding out more about RCH4 with this advocacy site.   - Thank You