Discovery of RCH4

RCH4 targets a newly discovered defect in the immune system of ALS patients.  A specific B-cell sub set was identified by a qualified and documented scientist which increases the production of a specific protein that at certain levels is toxic.  The offending B-cell sub set receptors were characterized and lead to a new molecule being created, similar to a monoclonal antibody, that safely fixes this defect.  

The exact details will be available when RCH4 reaches Stage II/III trials

Please visit the RCH4 Research Charity,  but please keep in mind the charities website is not the easiest or most organized.  It does however contain very pertinent information. 

What is RCH4?

RCH4 is a drug administered by a intramuscular injection twice a week.  It is administered using a syringe and needle more commonly used to inject insulin in the treatment of diabetes.     

At this time the exact compounds and how or why they work are currently patented,  but not available until a proper investor is found to bring RCH4 through trials and to the global marketplace.