Future of RCH4


As PALS who have used RCH4 we believe passionately in expanding the drug availability. 

RCH4 has resulted in remarkably promising results, and we believe more research into MND and the efficacy of RCH4 can offer help to thousands of PALS.

However, only wide-scale commercialisation can help bring these benefits to the wider MND/ALS community. 

The costs of bringing the drug to market are beyond the means of most ALS patients (including the PALS volunteers operating this RCH4 website). 

This is why we welcome interest from any serious investors. We believe investing in RCH4 offers a way for them to both help our community  with an urgent unmet medical need  and pursue a very viable business investment.

If you are a corporate investor, or a pharmaceutical industry professional, with interest in supporting efforts into RCH4, please get in touch with us with any queries or suggestions

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