Future of RCH4

As PALS (People with ALS) who have used RCH4, we are passionate in expanding the drugs availability. 

However, only wide-scale commercialisation can help bring these benefits to the worldwide ALS/MND community. 

This is why we welcome interest from any serious investors. Investing in RCH4 offers a way to both help our community with an urgent, unmet medical need and a very viable business investment with exclusive permanent global exploration rights.  

If a private investor is not found soon, the RCH4 Research Charity will be forced to shop pharmaceutical companies worldwide in order for PALS to be treated. 

Investment Pro's of RCH4:

• RCH4 is ready to go - no costly research, safety studies or billions of dollars are needed 

• Investors will be investing in their own company – not a company controlled by others or the RCH4 Research Charity 

• Permanent global exploitation rights – allows flexibility in marketing, manufacturing and distribution 

• Intellectual Property is clean – no extra legal fees or time needed to obtain intellectual property 

• Return of initial investment will be very quick – no need for Phase I or a Phase 3 trials

• RCH4 is effective in over 80% of PALS – Almost three times more effective than any other drug currently on the market for ALS 

• Only two drugs exist in the marketplace to treat ALS/MND - RCH4 has been proven with actual patients to work far superior to all others

• RCH4 is patented – patent is good for several decades with a five year extension available in the United States

• Much of what is needed to bring RCH4 to trials, including clinical data, is part of a humanitarian effort at no charge - Yes, you read that correctly.      

• From the time of the start of trials to marketplace approval from the FDA is approximately only 30 months – Phase I is completed and the plethora of documentation included will dramatically quicken the process 

• The IP holder is willing to negotiate 

The Investor Package Includes but is not limited :

• Global intellectual Property Rights

• Permanent Global Exclusive Global Exploitation Rights

• All Patient & Clinical Documentation

• Anonymised, raw database

• Complete original paper trail of all correspondence, clinical files, access to the prescribing medical 


•  Current patent data

• There is more, please contact us

For more investment information to bring RCH4 to market, please get in touch with us using the Contact Us form at the bottom of this page. In person meetings to review data can easily be scheduled.  Thank You!


This is only intended to provide background information and is not an invitation to invest

Investors, Please Contact Us

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